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My husband and I recently purchased a condo in Scottsdale, Arizona. Purchasing long distance is not an easy task. I thought all our problems were behind us once we closed to realize we had the overwhelming task of decorating and purchasing the day to day needs, (kitchen utensils, bathroom towels, toiletries, outdoor patio furniture, bedroom, dining room, living room furniture, lamps throughout the condo, etc).

My husband was referred to Tana, who I refer to as my "long distance angel." Tana reassured me that it was possible to, via the Internet, decorate and supply the condo with all that was needed. Tana got right on the task, e-mailed me suggestions for decorating the condo and supplying the necessary day to day needs. Together we accomplished this task with EASE! I was amazed how easily the process was! I am proud to say, my husband and I are thrilled with how the condo came to life, decorated EXACTLY how we wanted it.

I am sure there are many that do what Tana does in the Scottsdale area. That said, I STRONGLY recommend Tana due to her quick response to my every e-mail, her willingness to search high and low for our specific requirements.

Anyone who would like to talk to me about Tana PLEASE feel free to

e-mail me @ diamrow@aol.com.


A MORE than happy customer, Cassandra Friedman